In 1920, at the end of the First World War, Giovanni De Pietri established a small artisanal company for the repair of agricultural equipment.

The business continued and expanded with sons Amilcare and Remigio who, between 40s and 50s implemented the production of machines for the building industry along with the repair of agricultural machinery.

In 1963 the two brothers interrupted the production of machines for the building industry and officially founded company De Pietri devising the innovative self-propelled harvester-loader machine for harvesting green forage.

This machine was a huge hit that allowed the company to be known, grow and develop more and more popular products.

The arrival in the company of sons Galeano and Fernando increased further over the years the production of agricultural equipment such as self-propelled and front mower-conditioners, industrial harvester-loaders for vegetables and tractors with reversible driving; all designed and manufactured within the plant with highly qualified personnel.

Company DE PIETRI is available to customize the machine to deliver a specific product, made with the highest quality component parts and the usual attention to detail appreciated by customers around the world.

The company, now run by the son and grandchildren of one of the founders, thanks to its specialization, has earned the reputation of a manufacturer of innovative, reliable and high quality machinery.

Where to find us: 42030 Vezzano sul Crostolo (RE) - Italy
Address: Via Roma Nord, 61
Phone: +39 0522 606181
Fax: +39 0522 601425
VAT no.: 00135750354

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