The IRRILAND line marks the achievement of a very important goal: total reliability. Using advanced planning criteria along with modern production technologies and proven experience in the sector has led to the development of an innovative range of automatic hard hose reels, equipped with operation guarantied at 0,1 Mpa (1 Bar).
This allows Irriland automatic hard hose reels top performance with the best economies of use.
The entirely hot-galvanized steel framework, right down to its smallest parts, assures a long service life.
Moreover, all Irriland automatic hard hose reels take advantage of the wide range of accessories that makes them suitable for any working conditions.
Some of the main technical features that distinguish Irriland models are:

• oil-bath reduction gear with different speeds
• very strong polyethylene pipe
• hydraulic speed variator
• by scroll bar pipe-guiding system
• electronic speed indicator
• P.T.O. for rapid emergency rewinding
• galvanized steel covering of all moving parts (EC regulations)
• irrigator trolley (complete with irrigator) to be chosen from a wide range
of models
• perfect system anchoring the automatic irrigator to the ground by means
of an exclusive stabilizer bracket device preventing any sliding during
• automatic disengagement at the end of irrigation
• constant pipe return speed thanks to a tried and tested automatic
system that acts on an independent by-pass (excluding the Comfort
• height-adjustable tow hook
• automatic or hydraulic trolley loading system
• supply hose complete with fittings
• chassis with adjustable track.

Where to find us: 42016 Guastalla (RE) - Italy
Address: Via Togliatti, 4 - (Z.I. S. Giacomo
Phone: 0522 831544 r.a
Fax: 0522 831548

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