Meccanica Couplings Srl is a family business founded by Antonino Balboni in 1970.
It offers light engineering services for industry, fire-prevention uses, agricultural applications, engines and motors, earth moving machines, and power transmissions. The pursuit of ongoing improvement to cater for our customers’ demands has always been the “mission” of the Balboni family.
Today, the company focuses mainly on building flexible couplings; this activity runs alongside the production of bespoke products and subcontracted work commissioned by third parties.
We can satisfy any demand for machining that would normally involve several partners as we have the benefit of our own CNC machines and various tools.
We take care of the complete production cycle: starting with the shearing of the metal rods and terminating with the balancing of the item, ready for delivery!
Our couplings are always supplied ready for assembly, machined with the bore and keyway according to the customer’s requirements.

Our range of couplings includes:

COUPLINGS with rubber pads. Offering several advantages :
• The components can be swapped for use on any of the various series;
• The same flexible rubber pads for the various series and sizes, working under compression and guaranteeing the coupling will centre automatically;
• Milled hub teeth, guaranteeing the elimination of casting draft, resulting in less axial thrust and a longer working life for the flexible elements thanks to the even contact surface between the teeth and the rubber pad.

GN- GNE-GTB series of Couplings with rubber pads

GNF-GNEF-GTBF series of flanged couplings for diesel engines

GND- GNED- GTBD series of couplings with spacer

GPG series of COUPLINGS with rubber ring, featuring a flexible element to transmit motion

GU- GUF series of COUPLINGS featuring a flexible element without cuts , capable of handling major misalignments and vibration

Bespoke COUPLINGS: Rigid couplings and GTR series of couplings made to the customer’s specifications



Where to find us: 44045 Renazzo (FE) - Italy
Address: Via Ungheria, 2
Phone: +39 051 6835964
Fax: +39 051 6831402

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