CUCCHI has a long history of family tradition behind it, which goes back to the beginning of the last century. The origins of the company hail back to the experience of their ancestors, who were amongst the first threshers and motor plough operators in the area. They had a huge passion for constructing machinery that could be outsourced to other farmers, and ensured that their equipment met the needs of their clients. In 1964, the sons launched the CUCCHI Mechanical Workshop, through which they began constructing and selling farm machinery for tilling soil, especially mechanical hoes and ditchers. Alongside this, in 1970, they began manufacturing machinery for inter-row tilling of vineyards and orchards, which was an immediate hit amongst their clients, due to their simplicity, robustness, and endurance. Even today, their product range focuses on mechanical weeding equipment for organic farming.
The functionality of their machines and the professionalism of the company make the CUCCHI brand, which is renowned throughout Italy and across the world, a synonym for quality and reliability.
Today, the company continues to run its business with the same passion that was passed down by its founders. It is attentive to the needs of the market and to any specific personalisation requests for their products. Their current product range includes equipment for inter-row tilling of vineyards and orchards (rotary hoes, harrows, shoot removers, disks, etc.), central and adjustable ditchers, machinery for specific types of horticultural tilling, such as bed formers, mini bed formers, ridgers, hay rakes for embankments and ditches, and mechanical hoes for paddy field embankments.

Where to find us: 42024 Castelnovo di sotto (RE), Italy
Address: Via G. Boccaccio, 9
Phone: +39 0522 682173
Fax: +39 0522 682173
VAT No.: 00353640352

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