Fluid handling is a factor of primary importance which requires specific expertise and purpose-designed professional instruments. For many years now, Ompi has specialized in making equipment for the extraction, distribution, mixing and metering of lubricating and non-lubricating fluids; from oil to grease, from diesel fuel to water, right up to compressed air.

Grouped according to the type of fluid to be handled and the expected use, Ompi offers a broad range of solutions with manual, pneumatic or electronic operation suitable for use in heavy industry, manufacturing, agriculture and D.I.Y.

The top quality of all our products is guaranteed thanks to each single component being manufactured 100% in-house, with painstaking attention to detail and using only the very best materials available on the market. The result of this choice is highly efficient and accurate products providing regular and reliable operation over the years. With our Oil Counter Approved products, precision is also officially certified (MID-MI005 and OIML R117-1 certifications): Ompi has designed and produced the first electronic flow meter for the officially approved dispensing and metering of industrial lubricating oils, in compliance with major international metrological standards.


Throughout 2016 Ompi will be reorganizing its production and sales sectors in the new facility that will also house the recently founded oil hydraulics division OFC-VILLA. The plants, occupying a surface area of 3000m², have been prepared to meet the new needs arising from the increased production levels, and efficiency has been improved in the various company departments.
The focus has been on complying with the most recent energy efficiency and environmental protection regulations, while maintaining safety in every sector as a priority.

Where to find us: 42020 Borzano di Albinea (RE)
Address: Via Giovanni Falcone, 10/a
Phone: +39 0522 347247
Fax: +39 0522 347259

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