Spring Protection: an all around protection system

Over thirty-five years of experience gained in the field and trade relations with the whole world show that we have walked the right path, a road made of attention to every need, research and continuous development of our products. The comparison with the needs of professionals working in different environments and conditions, anywhere in the world, has allowed us to design cutting-edge helmets, technology, comfort and safety; an effort that was rewarded by the conquest of international certifications and a global commercial success. Innovation, reliability and comfort are the distinguishing features and the full range of Spring Protezione helmets make it a winner, always sold to companies in the agriculture, industry and services. Continuous research to improve and innovate our products leads us to use only the best materials and the most suitable for each particular helmet; the emphasis on comfort during work hours makes us design our helmets from a fundamental premise: respect for laws of ergonomics. For this, in addition to a reduced weight, allow to have an incredible field of view and a high comfort inside: the contaminated air is filtered and conveyed in the helmet creating a positive pressure which totally eliminates any respiratory effort, the possibility of air at inlet contaminated and fogging of the visor.

Where to find us: 41058 Vignola (Modena) - Italy
Address: Via Maremagna, 5
Phone:+39 059 773354
Fax: +39 059 763903
Website: www.springprotezione.com
VAT no.: 01024970368

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