Vaer srl is the UE leading supplier of plastic caps and accessories, for protection systems from hail, wind, rain, insects and birds. The plastic cap (and its mounting kit) is one of primary components of orchards' protection systems, being the only connection between the posts and tensioning cables so including, in one unit, many different needs. For this reasons it has to:

  • hold out to continuous mechanical stress due to wires tension, wind, rain and hail,
  • be heat and cold resistant by seasonal weather changing, resist uv rays (until -20 c°),
  • last by the whole life of plant,
  • have a fast installation and maintenance,
  • no damage the net all around the contact area.

Vaer can supply the widest range of anti-hail caps today available on UE market, by several production lines. Each line, is available for all dimensions of wooden, concrete or metal posts made by the most important UE producers. We are also able to produce huge quantities in a very short period of time. All our caps and accessories (hooks,clips, net fix etc…) are produced with first class material choice selected during 15 years of activity ; this is the reason why our caps, last for the whole life of plant. If you have ideas about new products, please feel free to contact us, we can help you in carrying out your ideas because Vaer srl, makes also the molds for each product that sells.

Where to find us: 42018 San Martino in Rio (RE) - Italy
Address: V.le Resistenza, 97
Phone: +39 0522 646585
Fax: +39 0522 646586
Email: - 

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